2022 Big East Transfer Portal, Vol. 2

Photo by Brady Klain/Getty Images

As we inch closer to the NCAA Championship Game this upcoming weekend, the transfer portal continues to absorb players before the 21/22 season is officially in the books. Since March 22nd, three more players from Big East programs have announced their intent to transfer. The three players are Jalen Rosemond of St. John’s, Bryce Golden of Butler, and Rahsool Diggins of Connecticut.

Rosemond spent two seasons with the Red Storm as a walk-on. The 6'8 forward did not play in 20/21 due to injury, and appeared in four games this past season. While transferring down to DII or DIII will most likely be the outcome for Rosemond, I would not be entirely surprised if he is able to find a landing spot at a lower level in DI as a walk-on.

Golden, on the other hand, was a key player for most of his four-year career at Butler. The 6'9 big started in every game this past season while shooting 58% from 2 and 34% from 3, averaging 9 points and 4 rebounds per game in the process. Although he was not considered to be one of the marquee centers the conference had to offer, Golden did provide the Bulldogs with a steady presence in the middle and even improved as a stretch big during his true senior year in Indianapolis. Initial reports indicated that Golden would be utilizing his additional year of eligibility to return to Butler. While the first portion of the report was true, it will now be with a different program. During his time with the Bulldogs, Golden, who became a three-year starter after his freshman year, posted career averages of 8 points and 3 rebounds per game while shooting 57% from 2 and 27% from 3.

Butler’s stability downlow is now in code red with the loss of Golden to the transfer portal. The Bulldogs currently possess a center rotation of 6'10 senior John-Michael Mulloy, who has seen limited minutes during his career, and 6'10 freshman Connor Turnbull. Expect head coach LaVall Jordan and Co. to be heavily involved with the transfer portal to patch up their center rotation.

Lastly, former top-65 prospect Rahsool Diggins announced he will be transferring from UConn. The 6'1 freshman struggled to see the floor this past season, which led many to believe that Diggins must not have been deemed “ready” by head coach Dan Hurley; why else would Diggins not see playing time given the lack of production the guard rotation had outside of All Big East First-Teamer RJ Cole? Personally speaking, I envisioned Diggins having a bigger role as a backup point guard this past season, but majority of the those minutes went to 6'3 junior Jalen Gaffney instead.

Similar to the Golden/Butler situation, UConn is projected to have a two-man guard rotation of 6'3 senior Jalen Gaffney and 6'4 redshirt freshman Corey Floyd Jr. It’s worth mentioning that UConn has brought in only two transfers since 2018, but I would expect this number to change given the holes they now have in their backcourt.

March lasts for 31 days, but the transfer portal is forever. We wish these three players nothing but the best moving forward. Tune in next week to watch me slur my words again.




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